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Dollar, the Parish Church (CoS) on Manse Road. NS 9641 9802. Alex Parker. Link. Category B listed wherein its dated to 1841, by Tite. The roofless remains of the Old Parish Church stand a little way north at NS 9637 9809. Not well seen by Streetview in 2021, some photos can be seen on its Canmore entry. Category B listed. East Burnside Church Hall (for the Parish Church) on East Burnside was formerly a United Presbyterian Church. Its very brief category C listing dates it to circa 1842. NS 9634 9805. Alex Parker. A former Free Church stands on Harviestoun Road at NS 9588 9790. Its category C listing, which calls it West Church, dates it to circa 1870. It was for sale when seen by Streetview in 2023. St. James the Greater (Episcopal) stands further west on Harviestoun Road and Mylne Avenue at NS 9579 9802. It was seen by Streetview in 2023. Link. Its category C listing just dates it to the late 19th century - Genuki says it was "founded in 1882".

Pool of Muckhart, Muckhart Parish Church (CoS). It's dated to 1838 in its category B listing. NO 0007 0097. Martin Briscoe. Link.





03 March 2024

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