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  Workington, Cumbria

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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Malcolm Minshaw.

Emmanuel Church. Malcolm Minshaw.

Evangelical Baptist Church. Malcolm Minshaw.

Holy Trinity at Northside. Steve Bulman. Closure news item (2014), and in 2015.

Our Lady of St Michael and the Sea (R.C.). Barry Lawman.

St. John, a splendid early C19th church. Malcolm Minshaw. Link.

St. Mary at Westfield. Malcolm Minshaw.

St. Michael. From an old postcard (franked 1910), Steve Bulman's Collection. A photo taken in 1996 while still showing the after effects of the fire of 1994. Derek Ellwood. As it is now, fully restored. Malcolm Minshaw. Link.

Christian Spiritualist Church on Falcon Street, originally Seamen's Bethel Chapel (1899). Part of the tower of St. Michael can also be seen. NX 996 289. Steve Bulman (2014). Newspaper article.

Trinity Methodist Church. NY 001 289. Steve Bulman.

U.R.C. Steve Bulman.

Workington Christian Fellowship. Malcolm Minshaw. By 2014 this was called Workington Christ Central, Judith Anderson (2014).




14 November 2015

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