The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Winster, Derbyshire            

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Methodist Chapel, originally Primitive Methodist (1823). Gervase N. E. Charmley (2011).

St. John the Baptist. SK 239 606. Bill McKenzie. Another view. Bruce Read. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Gervase N. E. Charmley (2011). Gervase explains that the church was doubled in size in the 1880's, when a second nave was built alongside the old one, and the common wall replaced by a line of columns.

Wesleyan Reform Chapel. I think the tablet above the door says 1832. SK 242 604. Bruce Read. Interior view. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2011).

Former Wesleyan Chapel, now a private house. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2011).






04 March 2023

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