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Willenhall, West Midlands

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Former Baptist Church on St. Anne's Road. The name on the board says "Nakodar House", suggesting it has been in commercial use, but it is presently (2012) being converted to residential use. A more recent view, without scaffolding. Both Dennis Harper (2012).

Cemetery Chapel at Willenhall Cemetery on Wolverhampton Road. Another view. Both Dennis Harper (2012).

Former United Methodist Church on Froysell Street and Church Street, now in industrial use. Dennis Harper (2012). Link.

Gurdwara Guru Nanak Parkash (Sikh Temple) on Walsall Road. Chris Emms (2010). Another view, Dennis Harper (2012).

Holy Trinity on Church Road, Short Heath. Dennis Harper (2011). Interior view, altar and font, all Dennis Harper (2013).

Life and Light Christian Centre, formerly Trinity Methodist Church, on Union Street and Upper Lichfield Street. John French. Another view, Dennis Harper (2012). Link.

Mount Olive Apostolic Church on Temple Bar. Another view. The church was built in 1792, as Little London Baptist Church. It became Mount Olive in 1994. Both Dennis Harper (2011).

New Invention Methodist Church was built as Primitive Methodist in 1898. SJ 977 017. Dennis Harper (2011). Interior view, and the font, both Dennis Harper (2010), and another interior, Dennis Harper (2013). Dennis has since advised that the church has been closed and was cleared out in March 2014.

New Testament of God on Upper Lichfield Street. John French. Another view, Dennis Harper (2012). The inscribed stone above the middle window has "Baptist Chapel" and a date, perhaps 1869 or 1860.

Portobello Methodist Church on Dilloways Lane. Dennis Harper (2011).

Providence Baptist Chapel on New Road dates from 1879, as this photo shows. John French.

St. Anne, on Ann Street. Two further views - 1, 2, interior view and font. Note that the altar is not in the usual ecclesiastical position. All Dennis Harper (2012).

St. Giles on Walsall Street. Another view. John French. Another view, Dennis Harper (2012). Link1. Link2. Grade II listed - link.

St. Mary (R.C.) on Leveson Street. Another view. Both Dennis Harper (2005).

St. Stephen the Martyr on Wolverhampton Street. Dennis Harper (2014). Link.

Salvation Army Church on Field Street. Dennis Harper (2014).

Short Heath Methodist Church on Wesley Road and Coltham Road. Another view. Both Dennis Harper (2011).




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