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Wigton, Cumbria

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Wigton Cemetery has two chapels flanking the entrance from Station Hill. The one to the left of the entrance is labelled on old maps as Non-Conformist (NY 24482 48987), and the other as Church of England (NY 24510 48982). The Non-Conformist Chapel (another view) appears to be now used as the cemetery office. The Church of England Chapel (presumably now non-denominational)is still in use. Another view, and the interior. The cemetery itself dates from 1855, but whether the chapels are also of this date is not at present known to me. All Steve Bulman (2018).

Low Moor Evangelical Church (1997) on Lowmoor Road. NY 258 474. Steve Bulman. Link.

Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah's Witnesses (tightly hemmed in). Steve Bulman. A new church is planned - see this news article.

Methodist Church (1883). John Wesley first preached in Wigton in 1757. NY 255 482. Steve Bulman. Link, with a good history here.

Former Primitive Methodist Chapel (1864) on New Street. NY 25464 48547. Steve Bulman (2018). Link.

St. Cuthbert (R.C., 1837) replaced an earlier church on the same site. NY 258 487. Steve Bulman. Link.

St. Mary (1788, re-built 1881) replaced a medieval church dating back as far as 1100. I'm not aware of any surviving illustrations of the old church, but this article from the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society a least gives a mental picture of it. Interestingly, the article mentions "Mr Hill's joiners shop in the town" as having some of the pillars from the old church in the shop fabric. The article was written in 1928, so Mr. Hill will be long gone, but the shop may survive. NY 256 483. Steve Bulman. Another view, Alan Blacklock. A window and pillar from the old church stand in the churchyard. A plaque below the window says that it was the sanctuary window, and that the remains were restored in 1965. Interior view, John Balaam (2018). Link. Grade II* listed.

Society of Friends (Quakers). NY 254 483. Steve Bulman. Grade II listed.

U.R.C. NY 257 454. Steve Bulman. Link. Grade II listed.




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