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Wigston (or Wigston Magna), Leicestershire     

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All Saints on Moat Street dates from the early fourteenth century. SP 604 986.  George Weston. Interior view, Richard Roberts (2016). Grade I listed.

Bethel Evangelical Free Church on Burleigh Avenue and Barnaby Avenue. SP 601 999. Richard Roberts (2015).

Central Avenue Christian Church on Central Avenue was formerly Wigston Pentecostal Church (1980). SP 602 988.  Dennis Harper (2011). Link.

Eyres Monsell Baptist Free Church on Dorset Avenue. SP 583 994. Richard Roberts (2015).

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Long Street. SP 605 987.  Dennis Harper (2011).

Life Church (Evangelical; Assemblies of God) has been in this former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (built 1885) on Frederick Street since 1988. SP 607 991. Richard Roberts (2015).

Little Hill Church (Independent Evangelical, 1972) on Launcester Road. SP 602 979. Richard Roberts (2015).

Meadows Community Church (Evangelical) on Bull Head Street. The church has been in this former factory (built 1916) since 1983. SP 608 988. Richard Roberts (2015).

Methodist Church on Moat Street and Cross Street was built as Primitive Methodist in 1885. SP 608 985.  George Weston.

St. Wistan on Church Nook and Bull Head Street. The tower is C14, though the rest of the church is of a re-build of 1853. SP 609 991.  George Weston. Grade II listed.

U.R.C. (built 1731 as Congregational, re-built 1841) on Long Street. SP 605 988.  George Weston. Another view.  Dennis Harper (2011). Grade II listed.

Wigston Cemetery on Welford Road has a Mortuary Chapel (circa 1880). SP 609 978. Richard Roberts (2015).





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