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Widnes, Cheshire

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All photos Bruce Read.

Cemetery Chapel. SJ 512 873.

Evangelical Church at Ditton. SJ 492 858.

Farnworth Methodist Chapel, at Farnworth. SJ 515 874.

The Foundry (Evangelical Alliance). SJ 518 854.

Gospel Hall. SJ 519 866.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. SJ 529 872.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour (R.C.) at Hough Green. SJ 491 863.

St. Ambrose (CoE). SJ 527 864.

St. Basil and All Saints (shared - RC and CoE) at Hough Green. SJ 485 871.

St. Bede (R.C.) at Appleton. Another view. SJ 514 863.

St. John at Appleton. SJ 517 866.

St. John Fisher (R.C.). SJ 529 867.

St. Luke at Farnworth. SJ 512 877. Link.

St. Marie (R.C.). SJ 517 853.

St. Mary, photographed here from Runcorn. SJ 512 838. Link.

St. Michael (R.C.) at Ditton. SJ 494 856.

St. Michael and St. Thomas at Hough Green (shared, CoE and Methodist). SJ 485 863.

St. Paul. SJ 541 854. Link.

St. Raphael (R.C.) at Ball O'Ditton. SJ 507 862.

Trinity Church Centre (Methodist and U.R.C.). SJ 521 864.

Widnes Spiritualist Church (see also the entry below). SJ 513 851.

Probable former Church. Can you confirm its previous status? SJ 513 851. Janet Gimber has advised that this was a Sunday School. It stood between a Methodist Chapel on its right (which is now the Spiritualist Church, above), and on its left, a long-demolished Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Janet is unsure to which of these churches the Sunday School belonged, but suspects probably the Wesleyan.




13 October 2023

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