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Whitehaven, Cumbria

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The former Christ Church. Barry Lawman.

Elim Pentecostal Church on George Street. Kevin Price (2012). Link.

The former Methodist Church, currently up for sale. Malcolm Minshaw.

New Life Church (Assemblies of God) on Irish Street. Another view. Both Kevin Price (2012). Link.

St. Andrew at Mirehouse. Malcolm Minshaw. Link.

St. Begh (R.C.). Malcolm Minshaw. Link.

St. Benedict (R.C.). Malcolm Minshaw.

St. Gregory and St. Patrick (R.C.),  NY 970 180. Steve Bulman. Another view, following a re-painting. Alan Blacklock. By 2015, the paintwork scheme had changed again, and the Miner's Memorial plaque, both Steve Taylor (2015). The School Chapel dates from 1889 - foundation stone, Steve Taylor (2015).

St. James and a frontal view, NY 978 185. Steve Bulman. Interior view. Jill Couthard. Link.

All that remains of St. Nicholas, destroyed by fire in August 1971. Malcolm Minshaw. Link.

A United Methodist Church once stood on Catherine Street. According to the entry on Genuki, it was founded in 1836, and closed before 1938, subsequently becoming a Salvation Army Citadel. I haven't been able to find a photo on-line, but the book "Looking at Whitehaven" by J. Brian Crossland, ISBN 0 9500003 1 0 (my edition published in 1971) has a photo at page 19, where it also says it was demolished in 1969. Google Streetview shows a modern Salvation Army building on the site. Circa NX 9759 1805. Link (for the current Salvation Army).

U.R.C. Malcolm Minshaw. Another view. Alan Blacklock.




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