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Whitchurch, Shropshire

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Congregational Chapel (1846). Peter Morgan (2010). Another view Alan Blacklock (2010).

St. Alkmund. SJ 540 417. Peter Morgan. Another view, and two interior views - 1, 2, all Alan Blacklock (2010). Grade I listed.

The former St. Catherine (1836) was an antiques centre in 2010. Peter Morgan (2010). A later view ( Sandy Calder) when it was undergoing conversion for residential use. Link.

St. John. Peter Morgan.

Whitchurch Heritage Centre on St. Mary's Street is in the former Wesleyan Methodist Church dating from 1810. SJ 542 416. Steve Bulman (2011).

Former Methodist Church on Castle Hill, originally Primitive Methodist. At some point subsequent to closure in 1970, it was used as a Masonic Temple; it's present status is unknown. Circa SJ 541 414. Steve Bulman (2014).





03 April 2016

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