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  Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset

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All Saints with Saint Saviour. ST 320 620. Andrew Ross.

Baptist Church on Bristol Road. ST 320 619.  Andrew Ross. Link.

Baptist Church at Milton. ST 344 622. Andrew Ross. Link.

Bethany Gospel Hall. ST 333 621. Andrew Ross. Link.

Boulevard U.R.C. ST 320 617. Andrew Ross.

Cemetery Chapel (?), situated at the north end of the Milton Road Cemetery. ST 326 620. Andrew Ross.

Christ Church. Andrew Ross. Link.

Christadelphian Hall, on Mansfield Avenue. ST 335 617. Andrew Ross.

Christian Fellowship at Milton. ST 343 619. Andrew Ross.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ellenborough Park North. ST 319 608. Andrew Ross.

Church of the Nazarene on Ashcombe Road. Graeme Harvey (2013). Link.

Clarence Park Baptist Church. ST 319 606. Andrew Ross.

Corpus Christi (R.C.). Tympanum. ST 318 607. Andrew Ross.

Emmanuel Church. ST 320 612. Andrew Ross.

Free Evangelical Church, on Langford Road. ST 331 609. Andrew Ross.

Friends' Meeting House, the High Street. ST 319 612. Andrew Ross.

Full Gospel Church, Hughenden Rd., (Assemblies of God). ST 333 616. Andrew Ross.

Holy Trinity Church. ST 312 623. Andrew Ross. Link.

Milton Methodist Church at Milton Hill. ST 341 625. Andrew Ross.

Our Lady of Lourdes (R.C.). ST 345 621. Andrew Ross.

St. Andrew the Apostle (Greek Orthodox) on Grove Road, Milton, is the former St. Jude, the Milton Parish Church. ST 3416 6238. Andrew Ross. Another view, Neil Floyd. Link.

St. John the Baptist. Another view. ST 317 619. Graeme Harvey advises that the church board just has it as St. John, as does the local family history society website.  Andrew Ross. Link.

St. Joseph (R.C.). Camp Road. ST 310 623. Andrew Ross. Link.

The former St. Jude.

St. Paul. ST 319 603. Andrew Ross.

St. Peter at Milton. ST 346 619. Andrew Ross.

St. Saviour. ST 328 611. Andrew Ross.

Salvation Army. ST 318 611. Andrew Ross. The previous building, Salvation Army Citadel and Young Persons Hall, and three interior views - 1, 2 of the Citadel, and 3 of the YP Hall, all Rob Brettle (1997).

Seventh-day Adventist Church on Locking Road, Worle. ST 350 622. Andrew Ross.

Spiritualists National Church, Osborne Rd. ST 329 612. Andrew Ross.

Victoria Methodist Church. ST 321 611. Andrew Ross.

Vintage Community Church (Assemblies of God) on Hughenden Road. Graeme Harvey (2013). Link.

Waterloo Gospel Hall, used by the Plymouth Brethren. ST 319 617. Andrew Ross.

The former Royal West of England Sanatorium Chapel, on Uphill Road North, near the golf course. Thanks to Tony Meighan from Victoria in Australia and Ian Todd (Church Administrator for St. Paul's) for advising that it was the chapel to the now also defunct sanatorium. ST 316 597. Andrew Ross.




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