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Waterfoot, Lancashire

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The former Bethel Baptist Church (on Burnley Road East), and seen here undergoing demolition in 1998. SD 834 220. Both Nigel Birch.

The former Bethesda Methodist Church on Prospect Road, taken in the 1960's by Nigel Birch's father. An older illustration of the church while still intact is from Nigel Birch's Collection.

Former Christian Science Church on Bacup Road (now closed). SD 835 216. Nigel Birch.

Cowpe Sunday School, on Cowpe Road. SD 845 207. Nigel tells me that the congregation of St. James split when a new vicar went "high church", and the "low church" faction took to using this Sunday School for services. It still remains in use, but St. James closed some years ago. Nigel Birch.

Evangelical Church (formerly Salvation Army Hall). Rob Brettle.

Harehome Methodist Church on Bacup Road, formerly Primitive Methodist, was founded in 1873. Nigel Birch.

Newchurch Methodist Church on Turnpike Road. SD 834 220. Nigel Birch.

The former St. James the Great (1859-1998) on Bacup Road. Another view. Both Mike Berrell (2008).

St. Peter (R.C.) on Turnpike Newchurch, Rossendale. SD 834 223. Nigel Birch. Formerly on the same site stood Mount Tabor Wesleyan Chapel, which opened in 1837. Various splits led to the founding of Bethesda Methodist Church on Bridge Street and Salem Methodist at Scoutbottom. The final service was held in 1878, and the building later served as a Mission School from St. James the Less in Rawtenstall until 1916. In 1926/7 it was demolished, allowing the building of St. Peter. From Nigel Birch's Collection.

The former Whitewell Bottom Methodist Church, on Burnley Road East, now flats. SD 835 238. Nigel Birch.

Woodlea Mission on Woodlea Road, built as the United Gospel Mission Hall in 1894. SD 835 216. Nigel Birch.




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