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Warrington, Cheshire

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Churches in Great Sankey, Latchford, Orford, Padgate, Penketh, Woolston.

Baptist Church on Sankey Street. SJ 602 882. Bruce Read. Tony Preston has advised that the building is now demolished. An August 2018 Streetview shows it as then being for sale.

Bethany Pentecostal Church at Sankey Bridges. SJ 588 877. Bruce Read.

Bethshan Pentecostal Church (1891) on Crosfield Street. SJ 600 885. Bruce Read. Tony Preston advises (2017) of this newspaper report, which states that a planning application has been lodged for converting the former church into flats. The newspaper has a photo, showing the church with a For Sale sign - this was in 2016.

Buckley Street Methodist Church. SJ 605 886. Bruce Read.

Cemetery Chapel. Bruce Read.

Church of the Transfiguration (CoE) at Birchwood. SJ 657 913. Bruce Read.

Emmanuel Free Church (disused). Bruce Read.

A former Gospel Hall of 1898 stands at the junction of Forster Street and Earl Street. A 2021 news item tells of its impending conversion into flats. A Streetview of 2009 shows that the church was still in use at that time, and another shows it in secular use by 2012. SJ 6084 8923.

Hill Cliffe Baptist Church on Red Lane, Appleton. Interior view. SJ 612 852. Both Mike Berrell (2013). Link.

Independent Methodist Church at Friars Green. Bruce Read.

Methodist Mission. Bruce Read.

Quaker Meeting House. Bruce Read.

Risley Independent Methodist Church at Fearnhead. SJ 637 909. Bruce Read.

Sacred Heart (R.C.) on Liverpool Road. SJ 597 882. Tony Preston. Another view. Bruce Read.

St. Alban (R.C.) on Bewsey Street. SJ 604 886. Tony Preston.

St. Anne (disused). Bruce Read. Iain Taylor has advised that this church has been in use as an indoor climbing centre since 1996.

St. Anselm (R.C.) on Hawley's Lane. SJ 597 902. Tony Preston. Tony advises (2017) that since he took his photo, the church has been demolished, and replaced by housing.

St. Bridget (R.C.) and Church of the Resurrection (CoE) share the same building.

St. Elphin (CoE) on Church Street. Tony advises that the spire is the third highest of any parish church in England, and the sixth highest if cathedrals are included. SJ 616 884. Tony Preston. Link.

St. John Mission Church. Bruce Read.

St. Mark at Winwick. SJ 598 900. Bruce Read.

St. Mary (R.C.) on Buttermarket Street. SJ 610 883. Bruce Read. Another view, and two interior - 1, 2, both Forbester.

St. Philip (CoE and Methodist) at Westbrook. SJ 580 903. Bruce Read. Another view. Kit Heald.

Salvation Army Citadel. Bruce Read.

Spiritualist Church. Bruce Read.

Thomas Risley Church (U.R.C.) at Locking Stumps. SJ 645 917. Bruce Read.

Unitarian Church. Bruce Read.

Walton Lea Crematorium (1964) on Chester Road, Walton. Interior view. SJ 603 857. Both Mike Berrell (2013).

Working Men's Mission Church. SJ 598 880. Bruce Read.

Wycliffe U.R.C. on Bewsey Street. The Welsh Presbyterian Church also meets here. SJ 603 886. Tony Preston. Another view, Bruce Read.

The former St. Luke on Beaufort Street, Sankey Bridge. Now used as a furniture warehouse. Thanks to Mike Berrell for advising its former dedication. SJ 592 878. Bruce Read. Link.

Great Sankey
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. SJ 586 888. Bruce Read.
St. Barnabas at Great Sankey. SJ 593 886. Bruce Read.
St. James. SJ 584 888. Bruce Read. Link.

Baptist Church. Bruce Read.
Carmel Christian Fellowship. Bruce Read.
Christ Church on Wash Lane. SJ 6215 8721. Bruce Read. Link, and history page, where the church is dated to 1861, and .
Life Church meet i
n Sir Thomas Boteler School on Grammar School Road. It was seen by Streetview in 2019. SJ 6249 8714. Link.
Methodist Church (1894) on Thelwall Lane. Most available maps fail to specify its flavour of Methodism, but one of  1928 labels it as W. M. Church, hence Wesleyan. SJ 6255 8728. Bruce Read. Link.
Our Lady of St. Augustine of Canterbury (R.C.). Bruce Read.
St. Hilda Mission Church. Bruce Read.
St. James. Bruce Read. Another view, John Balaam (2016).
St. John (U.R.C.). Bruce Read.
Westy Fellowship on Lindley Avenue. SJ 6263 8770. Bruce Read. Another view, Karel Kuča (2019)
, at which time it was "Latchford's Community Hub". At one point it had been Christ Church Parochial Hall - this can be seen from a Streetview of 2015.

Bethel Free Church. SJ 605 912. Bruce Read.
Hebron Church. SJ 605 910. Bruce Read.
The former Norris Street Methodist Church has been sold. SJ 615 895. Bruce Read. Thanks to Kit Heald (Warrington Methodist Circuit Archivist) for the church's correct name. Iain Taylor has advised that this has since been demolished, and replaced with housing.
St. Andrew (R.C.). SJ 616 912. Bruce Read.
St. Ann. SJ 612 893. Bruce Read.
St. Benedict. SJ 611 894. Bruce Read.
St. Margaret and All Hallows. SJ 615 900. Bruce Read. Link.
St. Stephen (R.C.). SJ 610 909. Bruce Read. Link.

Christ Church. SJ 631 902. Bruce Read.
Methodist Church Centre . Bruce Read.
St. Oswald (R.C.). Bruce Read.

Methodist Church. SJ 563 874. Bruce Read. Link.
St. Joseph (R.C.0. SJ 563 881. Bruce Read.
St. Paul. SJ 559 876. Bruce Read.

Church of the Ascension at Woolston. Bruce Read.
Methodist Church, Woolston. Bruce Read.
St. Martin (Methodist). Kit Heald.
St. Peter & St. Michael (R.C.), Woolston. Bruce Read.




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