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Ulverston, Cumbria 

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Bethany Christian Church (Independent Evangelical) at the corner of Lightburn Road and Victoria Road. Kevin advises that it was previously known as Bethany Hall, and was at that time Open Brethren. SD 2873 7803. Kevin Price (2020). Link.

Church of Christ on Mill Street. Circa SD 2857 7851. Kevin Price (2020). Link.

The former Church of Christ on Union Street. The present church took up occupation in 1925; prior to this it had been a Primitive Methodist Chapel (there is a date-stone for 1906). SD 2877 7838. Kevin Price (2020). Link (for the P.M.). Kevin advises that the presence of two congregations of the Church of Christ in a relatively small town is a consequence of a national schism in the 1920's. The original church met at a building on The Ellers (long demolished) from about 1883. Following the schism, the original church - now known as the "Old-Pathers" or "Non-Instrumental" Churches of Christ settled in the Mill Street building, the other branch establishing themselves on Union Street. From 1977, the Union Street church developed ties with the Assemblies of God, and became an Assembly of God (Pentecostal) Church by 1984, when they purchased the property on Mill Street now known as Emmanuel Christian Centre (Pentecostal, but no longer Assemblies of God), for which see below.
The 1913 25" O.S. map shows a "Meeting House" on The Ellers, which is very likely to be the Church of Christ mentioned earlier. By the time of a 1933 map, the building still exists, but is unlabelled, and on a 1956 map the building and its neighbours had all gone. The site now lies partly beneath a patch of grass at the corner of The Ellers and Fell Street and the gardens and houses behind it. and it can be seen on a 2017 Streetview here. SD 2906 7820.

The former Congregational Church on Soutergate, now in residential use. The small date-stone above the entrance is for 1777, and the church closed in 1968. SD 2862 7873. Kevin Price (2020). Grade II listed.

Emmanuel Christian Centre (Independent Evangelical) on Mill Street - the yellow building. They bought and then renovated the derelict Victoria Hall in 1984. Another view. SD 2858 7847. Both Kevin Price (2020). Link, with history here.

Fountain Street Baptist Church (facade only, 1871). SD 2874 7843. Steve Bulman.

Grace Baptist Church stands at the junction of Quebec Street  and the A590. It was built as Ratten Row Mission Church (Anglican) in 1868. It became Grace Baptist in 2000, following on from a period as Ulverston Pensioners Association. Two additional views - 1, 2. All Kevin Price (2020). Link.

The former Holy Trinity (1832-1975). SD 2847 7811. Steve Bulman. Grade II listed.

The Methodist Church on Neville Street and Hartley Street was built as Wesleyan. SD 2889 7817. Steve Bulman.

Oddfellows Hall, the first catholic church in Ulverston, stands at the junction of Fountain Street and Hart Street. It's now in commercial use. For its successor, see St. Mary of Furness, below. SD 2880 7844. Steve Bulman.

St. Mary (according to Pevsner) or St. Mary with Holy Trinity. SD 2889 7869.  Steve Bulman. Two additional views - 1, 2, both John Balaam (2016). Link. Grade II* listed.

St. Mary of Furness (R.C., opened 1895) on Victoria Road. For its predecessor, see Oddfellows Hall, above. Another view. SD 2875 7809. Both Kevin Price (2020). Link, with history here.

The 25" O.S. map of 1913 shows S.A. Bks. (Salvation Army Barracks) on the lane between Burlington Street and Ainslie Street, at SD 2895 7835. According to the Salvation Army Philatelic and Historical Society (SAPHA), the Salvation Army Corps opened here in 1895, closing in 1920. The building has been demolished, and it stood behind the building seen on the right hand side of the lane seen here in a Streetview from 2009. The SAPHA website includes this photo ( SAPHA) purportedly of the S.A. building, but it's not the one shown on the map, instead being further north along Burlington Street, at SD 2891 7840, and seen here in a recent (2015) Streetview. Whether this is an error, or a second S.A. building, is not clear.

For the Swarthmoor Society of Friends' Meeting House, see Swarthmoor on the Cumbria page.





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