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Truro, Cornwall

Truro on Wikipedia. has a copy of "The Cornish See and Cathedral" (1901) by Rev. Canon Scadding. It has numerous drawings and photographs, and is available here. Also on the same site is a copy of "The Bishopric of Truro" (1902) by Rev. Aug. B. Donaldson, M.A., available here.

All Saints (1980) at Highertown. SW 804 448. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link.

Baptist Church. SW 820 447. Paul E. Barnett (2015).

The (site of) the former Bethesda Congregational Chapel on River Street. Jo Lewis has  advised that after the chapel closed, it was for a time used as local council offices, but is now a shop. Jo also says that old photos of the chapel show it with two spires, as this photo from the Royal Cornish Museum shows. How much of the chapel itself, which stretched quite a way back from the street, survives, is unclear. SW 8244 4487. Paul E. Barnett (2022).

Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary. SW 8264 4491. Paul E. Barnett (2022). Another view, Jim Parker. An old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's Collection. The following are all James Murray (2009) - another view, an interior view, and a side chapel. A Celtic Cross stands nearby - according to Wikipedia it was "recently unearthed". Paul E. Barnett (2014). An old postcard from Paul E. Barnett's Collection shows the organ and Choir Stalls. And an interior view of the East end and altar, Dennis Harper (2007). Link. Grade I listed.

Former Chapel on St. Mary's Quay, now used as Truro Cathedral offices. SW 827 448. Paul E. Barnett (2016).

Coinage Hall - not a place of worship, but John Wesley preached on this site on several occasions, from 1776. SW 8272 4481. Paul E. Barnett (2018).

The former Convent of the Epiphany (1910) at Alverton House on Tregolls Road, with the associated house, is now a hotel. SW 832 451. Paul E. Barnett (2017).

The former Ebenezer Methodist Chapel (1834) on Castle Street, now in commercial use. It became a Methodist New Connexion Chapel in 1841. It was still in use as a chapel at least until 1906, as baptismal records exist for that date. SW 8235 4490. Jo Lewis. Another view, Paul E. Barnett (2023).

Epiphany House, which is now run as a retreat and conference centre, was previously Kenwyn vicarage, a bishop's residence, a school and a convent. SW 8212 4588. Paul E. Barnett (2022). The chapel (two interior views - 1, 2) has many items which were moved from Alverton Convent. Both Jo Lewis. Link.

Friends' Meeting House on St. Paul's Terrace. SW 827 452. Paul E. Barnett (2016). Another view, Jo Lewis.

Gospel Church. SW 823 448. Paul E. Barnett (2014).

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Dobbs Lane. SW 813 449. Jo Lewis. Another view, Paul E. Barnett (2017).

Lemon Chapel on William Street. SW 826 445. Paul E. Barnett (2015).

Methodist Church on Union Place. SW 826 450. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Another view, Paul E. Barnett (2015). Link.

Former Methodist Church (identified by Janet Gimber) on St. Clement's Street, now in commercial use. SW 827 450. Paul E. Barnett (2014).

Our Lady of the Portal and St. Piran (R.C.) on St. Austell Street. SW 829 448. Paul E. Barnett (2016). Link.

Penmount Crematorium has two chapels - Trelawney Chapel and Kernow Chapel, both at SW 831 472. Both Paul E. Barnett (2017).

The former Primitive Methodist Chapel on Kenwyn Street, now in commercial use. It's dated here to 1878. Another source dates its closure to 1939, with City Mission commencing in 1941. SW 8243 4482. Paul E. Barnett (2022). Grade II listed.

St. George the Martyr, on St George's Road. Another view. SW 8207 4496. Both Paul E. Barnett (2015 and 2023). Link. Grade II listed.

This  former St. George's Chapel stands opposite to St. George, and has more recently been used as a school. SW 821 449. Paul E. Barnett (2015). Another view, Paul E. Barnett (2018).

St. John the Evangelist on Lemon Street. SW 824 444. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link. Grade II listed.

St. Keyne at Kenwyn. Older maps label it as St. Cuby. SW 8197 4585. From an old postcard (franked 1913 or 1918), in Geoff Watt's Collection. A modern view, Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link1. Link2.

St. Mary. SW 823 453. Paul E. Barnett (2014).

The former St. Paul (1848-2007) on Tregolls Road is for sale. SW 8312 4503. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Another view, Paul E. Barnett (2023). News item. Grade II listed.

The former St. Paul's Chapel on Agar Road was built as a chapel of rest, and was later the Church Hall for St. Paul (above). It has recently been converted for residential use. SW 830 450. Jo Lewis. Grade II listed.

The former St. Piran (R.C., 1885-1973). SW 819 446. Paul E. Barnett (2015). Link.

Salvation Army Hall (two buildings along from the charity shop) on Kenwyn Street. SW 822 447. Rob Brettle. Another view, Paul E. Barnett (2015). Another view, Jo Lewis.

Trafalgar Christian Congregation on St, Clements Street. Another view. SW 8289 4492. Paul E. Barnett (2014 and 2023).

The former Truro Baptist Chapel (1848) on River Street now forms part of the Royal Cornwall Museum. SW 8240 4488. Paul E. Barnett (2023). Link.

Truro Cemetery Chapel. SW 833 446. Paul E. Barnett (2017).

Truro Hospital Chapel. SW 796 452. Paul E. Barnett (2017).

Truro School Chapel. SW 832 445. Paul E. Barnett (2016). Link.

There's a possible former church on Old Bridge Street. This photo ( Paul E. Barnett (2021) shows the rear of the building; a Streetview from 2020 shows the front. The 25" O.S. map of 1907 only labels it as Hall. SW 8273 4492.






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