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Troon, South Ayrshire               

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Church of Our Lady and St. Meddan (R.C.) on Cessnock Road. Jim Parker (2012). Link.

Church of the Nazarene on Union Street. Jim Parker (2012).

Independent Baptist Church meets at The Cabin on South Beach. Jim Parker (2012). Link.

Independent Baptist Church worshipped here on Portland Street from 1998 until before moving to The Cabin (see above) in 2008. Jim Parker (2012). Link.

Lighthouse Church on Ailsa Road. James Murray (2009). Link.

Old Parish Church (CoS, 1895) on Ayr Street. James Murray (2009). Link.

Next door to the old parish church is this one (at least, it looks like a church). Can you confirm, and provide a denomination? James Murray (2009). Janet Gimber has been researching this, and discovered the following - this was the old "Troon Old Church", built in 1838. It replaced an even earlier church on Barassie Street, which was built in 1822. The 1838 building now serves as the church hall to the Old Parish Church. More on these various buildings can be found on the link for the Old Parish Church. Another view, Jim Parker (2012).

Portland Parish Church (CoS) on St. Meddan's Street. James Murray (2009). Link.

St. Meddan's Parish Church (CoS) on Church Street. James Murray (2009). Another view, Jim Parker (2012). Link.

St. Ninian (Scottish Episcopal) on Bentinck Drive. Jim Parker (2012). Link.

Seagate Evangelical Church on West Portland Street. Jim Parker (2012). Link.

Possible former church on Templehill. Jim Parker (2012).




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