The Churches of Britain and Ireland

  Treforest, Rhondda Cynon Taff

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All Nations Church, previously Saron Calvinistic Methodist Church. Another view. David Gallimore.

Castle Square U.R.C. Gervase N. E.  Charmley.

Calvary English Baptist Church dating from 1851. Gervase advises that this is the oldest English Baptist Church between Cardiff and Merthyr. Gervase N. E.  Charmley.

Libanus Chapel (Baptist). Gervase N. E.  Charmley.

Parc Presbyterian Church, on Princess Street, dating from 1909. Gervase N. E.  Charmley.

St. Dyfrig (R.C.). Gervase N. E.  Charmley.

Treforest Gospel Hall, aka The Church on the Broadway. Gervase N. E. Charmley.

Wesleyan Methodist Church. Gervase N. E.  Charmley.

Possible church on Bridge Street. Gervase N. E.  Charmley. Janet Gimber has advised that this building appears on old maps as St. Dubritius's R.C. Chapel (alternatively, St. Dyfrig's), when the street-name was Wood Street. By 1927 its licence to hold weddings had been revoked, so presumably was no longer in use. On a map of 1943, it shows as "Hall" and in 1960 as "Boys Club". Presumably the closure of this chapel was followed at some point by the opening of St. Dyfrig (above).





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