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Tow Law, County Durham  

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Hill Crest Primitive Methodist Chapel stood on Dan's Castle at NZ 1174 3944. Opened in 1846, it closed in 1965 when it became unsafe due to old mine workings. The site is now under a road leading off from Dan's Castle - which can be seen here on a 2018 Streetview. Link (note, as the webpage itself acknowledges, the photo therein is NOT of this chapel). A photo IS available here (bottom row at left). Two old postcards also show it, 1, 2, which demonstrate that at some point significant changes were made to the frontage, or it was possibly re-built. The postcard dates show that this must have been on or before 1904.

The former Presbyterian Church on Bridge Street, now a private residence. NZ 1208 3857. Peter Morgan (2013). Although not even certainly a church when Peter photographed it, Howard Richter has been doing some research, and has provided this link (see page 6), which dates the church to 1863. It also says that the congregation had met previously in the Mechanics Institute (is this still extant?). Two old postcards here and here show a small spire which was taken down at some point. At its closure in 1986 it was part of the U.R.C. Sale notice (chapel). Sale notice (adjoining manse).

St. Joseph (R.C.) on Castle Bank and Smith Street. NZ 1197 3928. Bill Henderson. Link (has an interior photo).

St. Philip and St. James (1867-8) on Church Lane. NZ 1231 3893. Bill Henderson. Another view, Peter Morgan (2013). Link. Grade II listed.

A Salvation Army Hall is shown on a map of 1976-7, on a short side road off Castle Bank, at NZ 1198 3908. It can be seen here on a 2008 Streetview - the two storey building with single storey extension, and here (re-roofed) in 2018.

The former Wesleyan Methodist Church, now in residential use. Bill Henderson. Another view, Peter Morgan (2013).





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