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Thornley (near Durham), County Durham                   

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Gospel Hall on Cooper's Terrace. NZ 3664 3972. Bill Henderson. Another view, Martin Richter (2019).

Methodist Church on Dunelm Road and St. Bede Crescent. NZ 3595 3947. Bill Henderson. Another view, James Murray. Chris Kippin has advised that the church was closed in 2019, and a 2020 news item tells of the granting of planning permission for its demolition, and for a shop to be erected on the site.

A Primitive Methodist Chapel of 1836 once stood on Bow Street (north of Hartlepool Street, at NZ 3690 3977. Replaced by housing, its site can be seen here on a 2016 Streetview, its nearest (south-west) corner roughly where the green shed now stands. A successor P.M. Chapel was built in 1871 on Bow Street, a short distance to the south of the original chapel. It seems to have survived at least into the 1970's as a Methodist Church, but a playground was on the site when the Streetview van first passed by in 2009. This source says it survived to 1972, but had been replaced by the playground by 1985. NZ 3692 3971.

Sacred Heart and English Martyrs (R.C., 1900 - source) on Dunelm Road. NZ 3603 3953. James Murray. Another view, Colin Coates. It was preceded by St. Godric (1850) on the south side of Hartlepool Street, at NZ 3696 3966. Housing now stands on the site - Streetview in 2016.

St. Bartholomew, dating from 1842-3. Bill describes it as "apparently either disused or under repair." NZ 3658 3970. Bill Henderson. Evidently disused, as it was apparently declared redundant in 2004. The Wikipedia entry for the village includes a photo taken before Bill took his, as the windows are still in place. A 2009 Streetview shows the site after the church had been demolished, and also showing that the boundary wall of the church grounds (seen in Bill's photo) survived the demolition. War memorials were transferred to St. Saviour in Shotton. The 2010 Streetview shows Bartholomew House under construction. Two views of Bartholomew House - 1, 2, both Martin Richter (2019).

The former Salvation Army Hall on Hartlepool Street. NZ 3707 3970. Martin Richter (2019).

A Wesleyan Methodist Chapel of 1839 (re-built in 1865) once stood on Waterloo Street (now known as Fairview). It still shows as a church (presumably Methodist) on a map dated 1966-7, but had gone by the time of a map of 1972, the area having been redeveloped as an industrial estate. The Streetview van photographed the area in 2010, and the chapel stood on the right, its frontage in line with the present low brick wall. NZ 3681 3958.








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