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Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire

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Baptist Church, Graeme Harvey (2012).

The former Friends' Meeting House (1805 to before 1850) on Barton Street, now the George Watson Memorial Hall. SO 894 327. Janet Gimber (2012). Link (has some history).

Holy Trinity, Graeme Harvey. Link.

The former Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, now (2012) up for sale. Janet Gimber (2012).

Former Mission Room on Barton Street. Shown as such on old maps. This link suggests it was a Mission Room from Holy Trinity, but in appearance it looks more like a Methodist Church. The Star of David is also typical symbolism for a Methodist building. Perhaps at different times it was both. SO 896 327. Janet Gimber (2012). There is another building with a sign giving its address as "The Old Mission Hall", on Trinity Street. Currently in industrial use, it stands a short distance from Holy Trinity Church. Perhaps this, rather than the Barton Street building was the Mission Room. Can you confirm either way? Janet Gimber (2012).

Old Baptist Chapel (the half-timbered building at the left). SO 890 325. The associated burial ground has a date of 1655. Andrew Ross. Interior view (taken through a window), showing the baptistery. Janet Gimber (2012).

Methodist Church. SO 892 325. Andrew Ross.

St. Joseph (R.C.), Graeme Harvey. Link.

Salvation Army, Graeme Harvey (2012).

Tewkesbury Abbey, dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin. Another view. SO 890 324. Both Steve Bulman. An old postcard view, from Dave Westrap's Collection. Another view, Chris Kippin. An interior view, from an old photo dated to about 1893, in Christopher Skottowe's Collection. Link1. Link2




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