The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Strood, Kent

Strood on Wikipedia.

Cemetery Chapel. TQ 728 685. Dave Westrap. Link.

English Martyrs (R.C.). TQ 739 698. Dave Westrap. Link.

Gospel Mission Church. TQ 735 697. Dave Westrap.

New Testament Church of God Pentecostal Church, formerly St. Mary. TQ 738 695. Dave Westrap. Link1. Link2.

Peninsula Methodist Church, and a plaque commemorating its use as a hospital in WWI. TQ 737 696. Dave Westrap.

St. Francis of Assisi (CoE). TQ 722 688. Dave Westrap. Link.

St. Justus (R.C.). TQ 726 689. Dave Westrap.Link.

St. Nicholas with St. Mary. TQ 735 693. Dave Westrap. An old postcard view, from the Tony Larkin Collection. Link1. Link2.

Sri Guru Ravidass Gurdwara. TQ 738 696. Dave Westrap.

Waterford House Free Evangelical Church. TQ 721 696. Dave Westrap. Link.




01 September 2018

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