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Stirling, Stirlingshire

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Allan Park South (CoS). Alastair Cameron.

Baptist Church on Murray Place. Alastair Cameron.

The Chapel Royal in Stirling Castle. Interior view, and the altar. All Dennis Harper (2013). Link1. Link2.

Greyfriars Monastery on Castle Wynd. From an old postcard (franked 1907) in Steve Bulman's Collection. John Crotty has kindly advised that this is the Church of the Holy Rude (CoS). He questions the Greyfriars Monastery attribution, and although there are other postcards on the web with this description, this comprehensive history of the church makes no mention of it. Is this an example of an incorrect popular belief now disproved by more modern scholarship? A modern view (CoS). Another view. A plaque gives a little history. All Dennis Harper (2013).

St. Columba (CoS). Alastair Cameron.

St. Margaret of Scotland (R.C.). NS 790 947. Dennis Harper (2013).

St. Mark (CoS) on Drip Road. NS 783 949. Dennis Harper (2013).

Salvation Army on Drip Road. NS 792 946. Dennis Harper (2013).

Former Salvation Army hall in Irvine Place. Rob Brettle.

The Old Town Coffee House was (according to a plaque) the Salvation Army Citadel from 1922 - 1924. Rob Brettle.




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