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Stainmore, Cumbria

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The former Methodist Church (1868) at North Stainmore, originally Primitive Methodist. Now in residential use. Another view. NY 836 149. Both Howard Richter (2011).

The former Mouthlock Primitive Methodist Chapel (1909, see link) at Barras. In recent years it has been used as a residential Christian Centre (link), but was for sale in 2013. In terms of its history, Howard Richter advises that it replaced an earlier small chapel which pre-dates the OS map of 1859 on which it is shown. This may still stand as the Christian Centre website includes the following - "Built in 1909 as a Methodist chapel to replace a smaller building which can still be seen close by...". Two additional views - 1, 2. NY 837 121. All  Martin Richter (2011). In fact the earlier Primitive Methodist chapel (1831) stands just a short distance away, though doesn't present any hints to its history. This photo shows both buildings, the 1831 building to the left. As originally built, the building consisted of three small cottages with a chapel upstairs. Three additional views - 1, 2, 3. All Howard Richter (2014).

The former St. Mary at North Stainmore (1861 or 1873 according to source consulted. Possibly the latter date properly refers to an extension?). It was made redundant in 1972 (see here). Another view. NY 830 151. Both Howard Richter (2014). Link. Additional photo.

St. Stephen at South Stainmore. Another view, interior view, and a window. Services are still held here on the 1st and 3rd Sunday's of the month, but Martin was struck by the amount of damp apparent in the building. NY 841 130. All Martin Richter (2012). An old drawing made by Thomas Bland in the 1850's is available here, reproduced by kind permission of Carlisle Library. It's from the searchable Cumbria Image Bank, which can be accessed here. Link.






04 March 2023

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