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Silloth, Cumbria

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Christ Church. NY 11030 53706. Steve Bulman. The same church from an old postcard, from Steve Bulman's Collection. Another view, Alan Blacklock. Two interior views - 1, 2, and the font, all Steve Bulman (2017). Link. Grade II listed. The church interior was refurbished in 2021, and the communion table from the closed St. Paul at Causewayhead installed.

Christ Church Mission Hall (1887) on Solway Street and Caldew Street. Its current use is unclear. NY 11165 53670. Steve Bulman (2018).

Church of Our Lady of the Assumption (R.C.) on Solway Street and Wampool Street. This was built as a Congregational Church in 1862, and was sold to the Catholic Church in 1953. NY 11113 53534. Steve Bulman. Prior to this, a property on Esk Street (no. 8) was used as a chapel, and before that the congregation met in a room above the cafe on the corner of Lawn Terrace and Station Road, now a chip shop and cafe. NY 10922 53525. Steve Bulman (2018). This church was closed in 2021, and the adjacent church hall (now re-named as Our Lady of the Assumption) re-furbished as the new church. Steve Bulman (2022).

Evangelical Free Church (1938) on Eden Street. NY 11167 53435. Steve Bulman.

Pentecostal Church at Greenrow, on the B5300. NY 11017 52811. Steve Bulman.

The site of the former Primitive Methodist Chapel (1877) on Esk Street, now occupied by a small block of flats. The date of closure and demolition are not known at present, but according to this link, the church was still active in 1940. NY 11083 53620. Steve Bulman (2017).

St. Andrew (U.R.C.) on Solway Street was originally Presbyterian, built in 1887. NY 11191 53734. Steve Bulman. Before the church was built, the congregation held services in what was then the Oddfellows Hall on Solway Street, now a small supermarket. NY 11085 53549. Steve Bulman (2018).

Trinity Methodist Church (1876) on Solway Street and Wampool Street, formerly Wesleyan. NY 11092 53584. Steve Bulman. It was being offered for sale in 2021.





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