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Shildon, County Durham

Shildon on Wikipedia.

All Saints. Another view. Both Alan Blacklock.

Independent Methodist Tabernacle. Alan Blacklock.

Methodist Church on Main Street. Alan Blacklock. For the former Methodist Church, see the St. John entry below.

St. John. Previously in the "Unknown" section, this old postcard (posted in 1908), is from Andrew McGarrigle's Collection. The building to the right of the church has a sign reading "York City and County Banking Ltd." There were no other clues to the identity of this church, but Tony Preston advised that the YCCB ultimately became the property of the HSBC bank, and he put me in touch with Sara Kinsey, archivist at the HSBC. She identified it as Shildon, which allowed me to find the appended link, which named the church as St. John. My thanks to Tony and Sara for their help!
John Hardy, who was minister at Shildon Methodist Church in 1987-92 thinks that the railings and the edge of the building along the right-hand side of the postcard probably belong to the Methodist Church of the time, although long-since demolished. Another old postcard view from Alan Blacklock's collection confirms this - note the corner of the building behind the tree at the extreme right hand side of the first image in this entry, and especially the finial. It matches exactly with the corner of the church in the second postcard view.
This modern view shows how little the scene has changed. Close-up of St. John. Both Alan Blacklock. Link.

St. Thomas Apostle (R.C.). Alan Blacklock. Link.

Salvation Army. Alan Blacklock.

Shildon Wesleyan Chapel (1865) on Cross Street and Soho Street. Alan Blacklock.

John Hardy has advised of a number of other Methodist/Wesleyan Chapels in Shildon as follows -

Main Street Methodist Church (which is probably the one just caught in the St. John photo above).
Redworth Road Methodist Church (perhaps the Shildon Wesleyan, above).
New Shildon Methodist Church (closed 1960).
Primitive Methodist Church on St. John's Road. It may be this one, on an old postcard from Alan Blacklock's Collection.
Shildon Chapel Row Methodist Church.
United Methodist on Garbutt Street.

If you can clarify the story of these churches, please get in touch. Even better if you can send a photo!





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