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Sedbergh, Cumbria

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Friend's Meeting House (Quaker) at Brigflatts. The building has a stone inscribed 1675. SD 6409 9116. Peter Amsden. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3, all Alan Marsden (2020). Link1. Link2.

Methodist Church. Peter Amsden.

St. Andrew. SD 657 920. Peter Amsden. Another view. Interior view. Both Alan Blacklock. Another interior view. James Murray. Another interior, and the font, both Dennis Harper (2012). Grade I listed - link.

St. Gregory, about a mile west of Sedbergh. Its location is commonly given as "Vale of Lune", under which this church is also listed. In the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. Pamela Weston. Another view. Peter Amsden. Interior view. One of several superb windows. Both Steve Bulman. SD 634 922. Grade II listed - link.

The Salvation Army is known to have had a presence here at one time, but where they were based isn't known.

Sedbergh School Chapel, dating from 1897. Another view. Both James Murray.

U.R.C. SD 658 921. Peter Amsden. Another view, Dennis Harper (2011).




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