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Sandwich, Kent                                                   

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St. Andrew (R.C.). TR 336 576. Geoff Watt. Link.

St. Bart's Hospital Chapel. TR 331 574. Geoff Watt.

St. Clement on Church Street St. Clement's. The Norman tower. Twp interior views - 1,  , the squint and font. The doorway to the tower stairs has an early tympanum (close-up). TR 333 580. All Steve Bulman (2014). Link. Grade I listed.

St. Mary. TR 329 583. Geoff Watt. Link. Grade I listed.

St. Peter, on St. Peter's Street, now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. Two interior views - 1, 2, the triple sedilia, a tomb, and the font. A fragment in the garden is from St. Thomas's Hospital, and is not in it's original position. TR 331 582. All Steve Bulman (2014). Link. A comprehensive Grade I listing.

U.R.C. TR 334 576. Geoff Watt. Another view, Steve Bulman (2014). Link.




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