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South Hetton, County Durham   

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A short-lived Apostolic Church once stood on Front Street at NZ 3820 4510. Map evidence shows that it was built after 1920, and before 1939. By 1958 it was in use as a British Legion Hall. Since demolished, its site can be seen here on a 2009 Streetview.

Holy Trinity. Built in 1838, it was enlarged in 1889. NZ 3780 4525. Bill Henderson. Another view, James Murray, and another, Martin Richter (2019). A photo of the East window is available here. Link.

Independent Methodist Church on Front Street. A map of 1896 labels it as Christian Lay Church. It still seems to be being well looked after, but as far as I can ascertain, it doesn't have a web presence. NZ 3831 4509. Steve Bulman. An interior view is available here.

A Primitive Methodist Chapel of 1850 once stood on Richmond Street, north of Front Street. A list of 1940 notes it as South Hetton (Richmond Street) Methodist Church, and old maps suggest it was still active in the late 1960's, and demolished no later than 1991. Even the street has gone, and the site of the chapel (among the trees in the background), can be seen here in a 2018 Streetview. NZ 3781 4535.

The former Wesleyan Methodist Church (dating from 1890), now in industrial use. It survived the 1932 merger of the various Methodist Churches, and the 1940 list mentioned above lists it as South Hetton (Front Street) Methodist Church. However, in the 1950's (there is some evidence that it could have been 1955) the local Methodists decided to use the former P.M. church for services, and the former Wesleyan became the church hall. Some time later, the then church hall reverted to being the church, and the former P.M. was closed and later demolished. The date of closure for this church is as yet not known. NZ 3774 4531. James Murray. A 2019 Streetview.






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