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Rosyth, Fife

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Rosyth Baptist Church (1923) on Queensferry Road. The Fife Chinese Christian Fellowship also worship here. Jim Parker (2014). Link1. Link2.

Rosyth Parish Church (CoS) on Queensferry Road. The congregation is currently using St. Columba (see next entry). Two additional views - 1, 2. Jim Parker (2014). Link1. Link2.

St. Columba's Parish Church (CoS) on Torridon Lane is also the present meeting place for Rosyth Parish Church. Jim Parker (2014). Link.

St. John and St. Columba (R.C.) on Admiralty Road. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2014). Link.

The former St. Margaret's Anglican Church on Hilton Road had a relatively short life (1969-96), having been built for the Royal Navy dockyards personnel and families, and was eventually a victim of the closure of the naval dockyards. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2014). Link.

St. Margaret's Episcopal Church on Queensferry Road is in partnership with Rosyth Methodist Church (link) which also meet here. Jim Parker (2014). Link.




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