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Ripley, Derbyshire 

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All photos David Regan (2021).

All Saints (1821) on Church Street. SK 3986 5060. Link. Grade II listed.

The site (a car park) of the demolished Baptist Chapel (1846-1991) on Church Street. An old photo of it is available here, and another here, with some history. SK 3992 5055.

The former Bethel United Methodist Chapel on Derby Road, Marehay. SK 3997 4950. Some history is available here, wherein it dates the chapel to 1864-1966, and suggests that it may later have been a Kingdom Hall.

The Congregational Chapel, on Butterley Hill, at SK 3994 5088. It looks as if some of the chapel survives, given the apparent age of the brickwork at the back. This source dates it to 1865.

The site of Ebenezer Free United Methodist Chapel on Nottingham Road. A photo of it is available here, and of the interior here, where it dates the chapel to 1860, closing in 1962. SK 4008 5054. Link.

The modern Methodist Church on the south side of Wood Street. Its predecessor (Ebenezer, 1854) stood on the same site, though it was in line with the houses to either side, and can be seen in a 2008 Streetview. It's history is somewhat convoluted - see here for more details, but the site has been home to Wesleyan Reformers, a Mission Hall, and Primitive Methodists (see here for the P.M.'s). SK 3988 5079. Link.

The former Mount Tabor Primitive Methodist Chapel on Nottingham Road is now in residential use. Its My Primitive Methodists entry dates it to 1892, and it has an old photo. SK 4025 5057.

A demolished Primitive Methodist Chapel (1850-1893) is noted here as having been located on Grosvenor Road (then Grosvenor Place) at SK 300 5053. Although an O.S. map of 1880-1 labels the chapel, it isn't clear to which building the label is intended. In a Streetview of 2015 can be seen a restaurant called Victor's, and the building at it's rear looks like it might a candidate for the chapel.

St. Joseph (R.C.) on Butterley Hill is dated here to 1928. SK 4006 5109. Link.

Springs Christian Centre on Derby Road, Marehay, is the former St. John. SK 4002 4963. An old photo. Link, which dates it to 1884-1985 (as St. John).

The site (a Lidl car park) of the demolished Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Chapel  Street. An old photo of the chapel is available here. SK 3996 5067.





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