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  Redruth, Cornwall

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Baptist Church (1877) on Penryn Street. SW 697 419. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link.

A tourist's walking guide to the town says that the old fire station (1913) on Falmouth Road stands on the site of Bethesda Chapel, but it doesn't say which denomination it was. Was it the Bethesda mentioned here on Genuki as being Wesleyan, from 1840? SW 6986 4181. Paul E. Barnett (2023).

Bible Christian Chapel (1865). SW 699 418. Paul E. Barnett (2015).

No available on-line maps show Blowinghouse Primitive Methodist Chapel, but this source locates it close to a row of houses on Railway Villas, Blowinghouse. It also dates it to 1850. The oldest available  map shows that it was closed by 1906, when the revision took place for the map published in 1908. Circa SW 6876 4175. Paul E. Barnett (2022).

Cemetery Chapel in the cemetery on St. Day Road. SW 7060 4221. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Another view, Chris Kippin (2022).

Church of England Chapel of Ease (1826) on Church Street, and now known as Church Court. It was converted into flats in 2004. SW 697 420. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Mount Ambrose. SW 7112 4350. Paul E. Barnett (2023). Link.

Emmanuel Full Gospel Church. SW 699 419. Paul E. Barnett (2015).

The site of Flowerpot Chapel on Fore Street, as seen by Streetview in 2011. It was built as United Free Methodist in 1865. According to this source (which has exterior and interior photos), it was closed in the 1960's. SW 7001 4214. Paul E. Barnett (2014).

The former Friends Meeting House off Trengweath Lane. Another view. SW 6965 4182. Both Paul E. Barnett (2022 and 2023). Grade II listed.

Green Lane Chapel (Elim Church). SW 697 421. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link.

The former Highway Methodist Church on Treskerby and College Lane was originally Wesleyan, of 1824. SW 7128 4329. Paul E. Barnett (2022). Link.

Originally built as a chapel in circa 1660, Murdoch (or Murdock) House has in its time been a prison, the residence of William Murdoch, a tea room, and from 1931 a Friends' Meeting Room. It is now used for educational purposes. SW 698 419. Paul E. Barnett (2016). Link.

The former Primitive Methodist Chapel at Plain-an-Gwarry, now owned by the local amateur operatic society. Another view. Link. Opposite stands its handsome successor P.M. Chapel. It has been converted into flats. Both SW 694 425. Link. All Paul E. Barnett (2015).

The former Primitive Methodist Chapel on Redruth Highway, Mount Ambrose. It's dated here to 1835-1948, and it's now in use by the local scouts. Another view. SW 7110 4322. Both Paul E. Barnett (2022).

Redruth Methodist Church, built as Wesley Chapel in 1826. SW 701 420. Paul E. Barnett (2015). Another view. Paul E. Barnett (2014). Link.

Roman Catholic Church on Penventon Road. SW 693 418. Paul E. Barnett (2014).

St. Andrew (1883). SW 700 418. Paul E. Barnett (2015). Link.

St. Euny (sometimes Uny) at Churchtown. SW 6912 4123. Paul E. Barnett (2023). Link. Grade II* listed. The lych-gate is listed in its own right, as grade II.

St. Joseph's Convent. Its grade II listing dates it to the mid-19th century, originally as a house. SW 6923 4192. Paul E. Barnett (2023).

The remains of St. Rumon on Penryn Street. Another view. SW 6980 4194. Both Paul E. Barnett (2014 and 2023).

Salvation Army. SW 701 421. Paul E. Barnett (2014).

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Falmouth Road. SW 707 408. Paul E. Barnett (2014).

The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Trewirgie Hill. I've been unable to discover any information about it on the web. SW 6971 4111. Paul E. Barnett (2022).

Just outside Redruth at SW 699 402 is this (former?) Wesleyan Chapel. Paul E. Barnett (2015).

Possible former chapel at SW 700 420. Paul E. Barnett (2015).

Possible former church, now in commercial use. SW 699 420. Paul E. Barnett (2015).

Another possible former church stands on Church Lane, which is a footpath running south from near the eastern end of West End. It isn't shown as a place of worship on any available maps - can you advise if it was a church? Paul E. Barnett (2015).






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