The Churches of Britain and Ireland


Portree, Highland (on Skye)                                

Portree on Wikipedia.

Associated Presbyterian Church on Mill Road. Another view. NG 485 439. Both Dennis Harper (2013). Link.

The scant remains of Bile Chapel, with its burial ground. Another view. About a kilometre east of the town, it stands at NG 497 442. Both Dennis Harper (2013). Link.

Free Church - not a very sympathetic extension!. Alan Blacklock. Link.

Free Presbyterian Church on Wentworth Street Alan Blacklock. Another view, Dennis Harper (2013). Link.

Old Parish Church on Bank Street - for sale in 2013. NG 483 435. Dennis Harper (2013). Link.

The Parish Church (CoS). Interior view. Both Alan Blacklock. Another view, Dennis Harper (2013). Link.

St. Columba (Episcopal). Dennis Harper (2013). Link.

St. Mary (R.C.) on Viewfield Square. Dennis Harper (2013). Link.





21 June 2018

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