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Portishead, Somerset

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A former Congregational Church (1840) stands on West Hill. It was vacated in 1887 when the congregation moved to a new chapel (see the former U.R.C. below) and subsequently used for many years as a school, but it's now in residential use. Another view. ST 46176 76567. Carole Sage (2017).

Friends' Meeting House on St. Mary's Road. This is an early C18 replacement for a building of 1669 on the same site. ST 4657 7551. Carole Sage (2016). Grade II listed.

Gordano Valley Church meets in the New Hall at Gordano School. ST 46637 75364. Carole Sage (2017). Link.

The former La Sainte Union Convent on West Hill. This late Georgian house is first labelled as a convent on maps of the early 1900's, and it was closed in 2003. It has since been converted back to residential use. ST 46125 76587. Carole Sage (2017).

Methodist Church (Wesleyan, 1886) on High Street. The entrance porch and hall at the right are evidently more recent. Another view. ST 4672 7652. Both Carole Sage (2016 and 2017).

Redcliffe Bay Methodist Church (1930's). Another view. ST 4451 7568. Both Carole Sage (2016).

Roath Road Chapel (Evangelical). Another view. ST 46577 76132. Both Carole Sage (2016).

The site of St. Augustine (CoE) on Hillcrest Road. It occupied the site of (or was developed from) an earlier hall, and opened after 1930. It seems to have still been active in 1974, but had closed by the early 1990's, and the land subsequently redeveloped for housing, now called St. Augustine's Close. ST 44283 75631. Carole Sage (2017).

The site of St. Barnabas (CoE) on West Hill. From map evidence, it was built before 1882, and was demolished after the early 1990's. A house now stands on the site, though Carole speculates that the gate for the parking area might be the original churchyard gate. ST 46002 76475. Carole Sage (2017).

St. Joseph (R.C., 1877) on West Hill. Another view. ST 4594 7642. Both Carole Sage (2016).

St. Nicholas on Nore Road. Built in 1911-12 as a chapel for the National Nautical School. Unusually, Carole advises that it was listed as Grade II in 1976, but de-listed in 1994. Two further views - 1, 2. ST 44526 76132. All Carole Sage (2016).

St. Peter on Church Road. ST 466 760. Graeme Harvey. Four further views - 1, 2, 3, 4, all Carole Sage (2016). Link. Grade I listed.

The former U.R.C. on Cabstand and Battery Road was built as Congregational in 1887. Sold in 2012, it was converted to residential use. The congregation now meet at St. Nicholas (above). Two further views - 1, 2. ST 4666 7672. All Carole Sage (2016).

Vintage Community Church meets in Somerset Hall in The Precinct. ST 46778 76468. Carole Sage (2017). Link.





30 December 2017

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