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Ossett, West Yorkshire

Ossett on Wikipedia.

Christ Church. Bill Henderson.

Dale Street Evangelical Church. David Regan (2011).

Ebenezer Particular Baptist Chapel. David Regan (2011).

Holy Trinity. Bill Henderson. The previous church (1806) was demolished in 1866. The link is to an external website, which has a photo taken during the demolition, and a little history.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. David Regan (2011).

Kings Way Christian Centre (U.R.C. and Methodist). David Regan (2011). Link.

Ossett Congregational Church was demolished in the 1970's. The link is to an external website, which has an illustration, and a little history.

Former Primitive Methodist Chapel, now in residential use. David Regan (2011).

St. Ignatius (R.C.). David Regan (2011). Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Forbester.

St. John's Methodist Church. David Regan (2011). Link.

St. Mary. Bill Henderson. David Regan has advised (in 2011) that St. Mary has been demolished. An interior view is available here on an external website.

Salvation Army at Gawthorpe. David Regan (2011). Link.

South Ossett Baptist Church. David Regan (2011).

Spiritualist Church. David Regan (2011). Link.

The King's Way Church (Methodist/U.R.C.). David Regan (2011). Link.





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