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Old Colwyn, Conwy

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All photos Mike Berrell.

The former Bethesda Addoldy yr Eglwys Fethodistraidd is now closed, although the basement is is secular use. On Abergele Road. SH 870 782.

Calfaria Eglwys y Bedyddwyr (1893) on Princess Road. SH 870 783.

Possible chapel, or perhaps the hall for the Ebenezer Chapel? On Abergele Road. SH 865 784. My appreciation to Janet Gimber for advising that this was the Sunday School for the Ebenezer Chapel.

Ebenezer Eglwys Annibynwyr (Congregationalist) on Abergele Road. SH 865 784.

English Baptist Church on Abergele Road. SH 870 783.

Hebron Welsh Presbyterian Church (1903) on Abergele Road. SH 871 782.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Beach Road. SH 868 784.

Derelict Mortuary Chapel in the cemetery on Llanelian Road. SH 869 777.

Methodist Church on Wynn Avenue. SH 871 783.

Mike Berrell advises that Sacred Heart (R.C.) on Cliff Road closed in February 2018. A photo is available here. News item.

St. Catherine on Church Walks. SH 866 784. Redundant, and for sale in 2014 - sale notice.

St. John the Baptist on Station Road. SH 870 784. Link1. Link2.

Sure Hope Church on Abergele Road. SH 865 789.

U.R.C., known locally as The Church in the Park, on Berthes Road. SH 867 785.




01 September 2018

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