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Northampton, Northamptonshire

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All Saints. From an old postcard (franked 1918) from Steve Bulman's Collection. Another old postcard view, this one franked 1905, from the collection of Mrs. Marion Allen. And a view from one in Reg Dosell's Collection. A modern view. Aidan McRae Thomson. Link.

Cathedral of Our Lady & St. Thomas, (R.C.). Interior view. Both Aidan McRae Thomson. Link.

Christ Church. Interior view. Both Aidan McRae Thomson.

Holy Sepulchre (the "Round Church"). Aidan McRae Thomson. An old postcard view - the Church is called St. Sepulchre on the card. From an old postcard (franked 1907), in Steve Bulman's Collection. And an old print, dated 1901, Colin Water's Collection. Another old postcard (Reg Dosell's collection), showing the round core of the church. Another view, Graeme Wall. Link1. Link2.

Holy Trinity. Interior view. Both Aidan McRae Thomson.

Methodist Church (Kingsley Park). Aidan McRae Thomson. Link.

Methodist Church (Park Avenue). Aidan McRae Thomson. Link.

The former Providence Strict Baptist Chapel (1860) on Abington Street. It's now in commercial use. SP 7593 6073. The congregation moved to a new church, also Providence, on The Headlands and Thirlmere Avenue, in 1957. Two interior views - 1, 2. SP 7845 6308. All Gerard Charmley (2021).

St. Edmund stood on Wellingborough Road. Demolished in 2007, this photo is an old family photo, from Hannah Plowman's collection. There seems to be remarkably little on-line about this church, but this source says it was consecrated in 1852. A photo is available here. The bells were taken to a new church in New Zealand - read the story here.

St. Giles. Interior view. Both Aidan McRae Thomson. Link.

St. John the Baptist at Kingsthorpe. Interior view. Both Aidan McRae Thomson. Link.

St. John's Hospital Chapel (St. John's is the almshouse). Aidan McRae Thomson.

St. Matthew. Interior view. Both Aidan McRae Thomson. Link.

St. Peter. An interior view. Both Aidan McRae Thomson. An old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's Collection.

St. Peter & St. Paul at Abington. Interior view, Aidan McRae Thomson. A night-time view, Charles Moorhen. An old postcard from Reg Dosell's Collection. Another view, Michael John York. Michael sells some church photographs, and has kindly allowed me to use some reduced resolution photos on this website. His business websites are here - 1, 2, 3. Another postcard view, this one from Alan Craxford's Collection, and it dates from ca. 1910. Link. Grade A listed.

U.R.C. Aidan McRae Thomson.

U.R.C. on The Headlands. SP 7833 6306. Gerard Charmley (2021).






25 July 2021

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