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Newlyn, Cornwall

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The former Apostolic Church on Creeping Lane. SW 462 291. Paul E. Barnett (2017).

Centenary Primitive Methodist Church (1927) on Gwavas Road. SW 462 284. Andrew Ross.

Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Chapel (1835) stands on Boase Street. SW 463 284. Paul E. Barnett (2017).  

St. Andrew's Mission Church. SW 466 282. Paul E. Barnett (2017).

St. Peter. SW 461 291. Andrew Ross. The porch, David Gallimore. Two additional views - 1, 2, both Paul E. Barnett (2017). Link. An old photo is available here (large pdf, page 107).   

The Seaman's Mission. SW 462 289. Paul E. Barnett (2017).

Trinity Methodist Chapel (1835- 1982) on Chywoone Hill - this was originally a Wesley Chapel. According to the Geograph entry, this building is no longer used for worship - see the next entry. SW 461 288. Andrew Ross. Another view, Paul E. Barnett (2017). Link.

Trinity Methodist Church (1912) replaced the adjacent Chapel (see above). Another view. SW 461 288. Both Paul E. Barnett (2017).







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