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Methil, Fife

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Central Gospel Mission on Heriot Crescent. © Jim Parker (2009).

Innerleven East Parish Church (CoS) on Methilhaven Road. © Jim Parker (2009).

Methil Baptist Church on Bowling Green Street is part of Leven Baptist Church. © Jim Parker (2009). Link.

Methil Gospel Hall on High Street. © Jim Parker (2009). Link.

Methilhill and Dunbeath Parish Church (CoS) on Chemiss Road. Another view. Both © Jim Parker (2010).

The Parish Church (CoS) on Wellesley Road. The Church Hall is unusual - has it been built around a previous church building? Both© Jim Parker. Link.

St. Agatha (R.C.) on Methil Brae. © Jim Parker (2009).




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