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  Macclesfield, Cheshire

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This website has photographs of many churches in Macclesfield and the surrounding area -

All Saints on Brough Street West. SJ 909 731. Len Brankin. Link.

Bethel Baptist Church, Calamine Street. SJ 921 729. Len Brankin. Link.

Broken Cross Methodist Church. SJ 890 736. Len Brankin. Link.

Calvary Church (Assemblies of God) on Earlsway. SJ 900 735. Len Brankin. Link.

Christ Church (on Great King Street) is in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. SJ 914 735. Len Brankin. Link.

Christadelphian Hall on Pinfold Street. SJ 913 738. Len Brankin.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Victoria Road. SJ 895 740. Len Brankin.  

Church of the Resurrection (CoE) on Churchway, Upton Priory. SJ 895 747. Len Brankin. Link.

Elim Christian Life Centre (Pentecostal Church) on Parsonage Street. SJ 917 731. Len Brankin.

Holy Trinity at Hurdsfield. SJ 925 741. Len Brankin. Link.

King Edward Street Unitarian Church. Another view. SJ 916 738. Len Brankin. Link.

Langley Methodist Church, at Langley. SJ 940 715. Len Brankin. Link.

Macclesfield Cemetery has the Interdenominational Mortuary Chapel (1860), formerly CoE, and a Crematorium Chapel (1960), previously the Non-Conformist Mortuary Chapel. SJ 909 743. Both Mike Berrell. Two interior views of the Crematorium Chapel - 1, 2, and the commemorative plaque, all Mike Berrell (2014). Link.

Macclesfield Free Spiritualist Church on Cumberland Street. SJ 916 739. Len Brankin.

Macclesfield Methodist Church, Westminster Road. SJ 914 738. Len Brankin. Another view. Mike Berrell. Link.

The former Methodist New Connexion Chapel on Park Street has been commercial premises, but is now converted into flats. SJ 917 730. Mike Berrell.

The former Primitive Methodist Chapel on Beech Lane now serves as commercial premises. SJ 914 741. Len Brankin.

The former Primitive Methodist Chapel on South Park Road is currently undergoing conversion. SJ 913 731. Len Brankin.

St. Alban (R.C.) on Chester Road. Another view. SJ 911 736. Both Len Brankin. Link.

St. Barnabas, Lyme Avenue. SJ 915 720. Len Brankin.

The shy and retiring St. Edward the Confessor (R.C.) on London Road. SJ 918 721. Len Brankin. Mike Berrell advises that it dates from 1939. Link.

St. George on High Street. Len explains that this was originally a Dissenter's Chapel, and it was subsequently re-consecrated by the Bishop of Chester as an Established Church. It was closed in 2004 and converted into offices. SJ 918 729. Len Brankin. Another view. Mike Berrell.

St. James, at Sutton Lane Ends. SJ 929 712. Len Brankin. Link.

St. John the Evangelist on Wilwick Lane. SJ 897 734. Len Brankin. The predecessor St. John the Evangelist stood at the corner of Statham Street and what was then Dale Street (now St. John's Road). It was built in 1882 and was closed in 1960. This interior view is reproduced by kind permission of Brian Rose, with the assistance of Lesley Baxendale. An exterior view is available here.

The entrance to St. Luke's Chapel in Macclesfield District General Hospital on Victoria Road. Interior view. SJ 9065 7396. Both Mike Berrell (2015).

St. Michael and All Angels on Market Place. SJ 917 737. Len Brankin. Interior view, East window, and another window (in the prayer room), all Kenneth Paver (2011). Link.

St. Paul on Glegg Street and Silk Road. Another view. SJ 921 733. Both Len Brankin. Another view. Mike Berrell. Link.

St. Peter, Windmill Street. SJ 922 729. Len Brankin. Link.

St. Thomas at Henbury. SJ 881 736. Len Brankin. Link.

Salvation Army Hall, formerly the Roe Street Congregational Chapel. SJ 915 734. Rob Brettle.

St. George's Street Baptist Church. SJ 918 731. Len Brankin. Link.

Society of Friends formerly met at Morton Hall, on Union Road. (They used a room here on Sundays). SJ 924 735. Mike Berrell. Mike advises (2014) that they now meet in the U.R.C. on Park Green.

Tytherington Family Worship Church (Independent Evangelical Church), on Sandwich Drive. SJ 911 755. Len Brankin. Link1. Link2.

U.R.C. on Park Green. SJ 918 733. Len Brankin. Two interior views - 1, 2. both Mike Berrell (2014). Link. Link (for the Quakers).

The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, on Chapel Street is now in residential use. SJ 918 729. Len Brankin.

Former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, on Sunderland Street is now in use as commercial premises. SJ 919 734. Len Brankin.




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