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  Ludlow, Shropshire

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Remnant of the former Chapel of St. Thomas of Canterbury. Another view. Approx. SO 508 744. Both Steve Bulman (2009).

Ludlow Castle has two chapels. The first is the Chapel of St. Peter, dating from the early 14th century. SO 508 745. Much more interesting is the Chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, thought to be 12th century. Three additional views - 1, 2, 3. SO 508 746. All Steve Bulman (2014). Grade I listing for the castle includes both chapels.

Ludlow Methodist Church on Broad Street (1879). SO 512 745. Steve Bulman (2009).

Friends Meeting House on St. Mary's Lane. SO 511 754. Steve Bulman (2011). Link.

St. Laurence (O) is a difficult church to photograph, presenting a satisfactory view from one side only. Another view. The porch. Allegedly the largest parish church in England, the interior has much of interest, including the misericords - 1, 2, 3. Interior view, Chapel of St. John, which was the chapel of the Palmers' Guild, whose C15 century window this is. The tower can be climbed, and the view makes it well worth it. SO 511 747. All Steve Bulman (2009). The tower, interior view, and looking up into the tower,  all Simon Edwards (2011). The font, another undergoing repair,  and two views (1, 2) of the screen which separates the main crossing from the chancel, all John Bowdler (2013). Another view, and the East window, both from old postcards in Christopher Skottowe's Collection. Link. Grade I listed.

The former St. Leonard's Chapel on Corve Street, taken from the top of St. Laurence's tower. Thanks to Janet Gimber for the identification, and for advising the current usage as the premises of a printing company. Steve Bulman (2009). Another view. Steve Bulman (2011).

St. Peter (R.C.) on Henley Road. Another view. SO 516 754. Both Steve Bulman (2011). Link.




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