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All Saints on Brant Road, Bracebridge. Two additional views - 1, 2. All David Regan (2016). Grade I listed.

Bailgate Methodist Church (1879). Steve Bulman (2009). Another view, Jim Parker (2017). Link.

The former Baptist Church on Mint Street is now an estate agent. A little further down the hill is this building, which may be the Sunday School, described by Pevsner as "Arts & Crafts version of latest Flanders Gothic". Both Steve Bulman (2010).

The Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, from an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern view, Dave Hitchborne. Another view. Jim Parker. Interior view. showing the nave, chancel screen and organ, from the nave. Graeme Harvey. View of the nave from the clerestory; the impressive font; the Chapter House and two interior views, 1, 2, a sun-dial, and the famous Lincoln Imp, all Steve Bulman (2009). The choir stalls, and a panoramic view of the nave, both Alan Blacklock. Link.

The former Cemetery Chapels in Canwick Cemetery. David Regan (2016). Grade II listed. The adjacent Canwick New Cemtery also has a small chapel, David Regan (2017).

Central Methodist Church (1905) on High Street. SK 972 704. Steve Bulman (2010).

Ermine U.R.C. on Sudbrooke Drive. Jim Parker (2017). Link.

Ermine West Methodist Church on Trelawney Crescent. Jim Parker (2017). Link.

Jew's House, originally dating from the C12. According to the plaque, this was used as a synagogue, though Pevsner thinks this attribution is "on scanty evidence". Steve Bulman (2009).

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Danes Terrace. Steve Bulman (2009).

Prison Chapel in Lincoln Castle. David Regan.

Methodist Church on Burton Road. Steve Bulman (2009). Another view, Jim Parker (2017). Link.

New Life Church on Newland was originally Congregational (1876). The previous church building stands next door, and dates from 1840. SK 973 712. Both Steve Bulman (2009). Link.

Newport Hall (1876) on Chapel Lane, was, according to the Lincolnshire County Council Archive, Lincoln Free Church (New Life Christian Fellowship) in the early 1980's. Now a private residence, can you supply its earlier history? SK 975 721. Steve Bulman (2010).

Orthodox Christian Church of All Saints - see St. Matthias, below.

The former St. Benedict on St. Benedict's Square is now used as a day centre. Another view, showing a fossil chancel arch, showing that the church was once larger, and the tower must date to after the rest of the church was demolished. At the base of the chancel arch is an old column capital. Steve Bulman (2010).

St. Botolph on High Street. Another view. SK 972 698. Both Steve Bulman (2010).

St. George on Doddington Road, Swallowbeck. David Regan (2017). Link.

St. Hugh (R.C.). Alan Blacklock (2010). Link.

St. John the Baptist on Sudbrooke Drive. Another view, and the church hall. All Jim Parker (2017). Link.

St. Katherine (originally Wesleyan Methodist, now Anglican) on High Street. Built on the site of St. Katherine's Priory Without Lincoln, the Methodist Church was opened in 1888, and closed in 1977. It served as various commercial premises, but as the present century dawned, it was disused, and in a very poor state of repair. It was refurbished as a Community and Cultural Centre, and the Lady Chapel returned to use for Anglican services. Interior view, which shows a painted design for a new stained glass window. The gallery. SK 971 695. All Steve Bulman (2010). Link.

St. Mary-le-Wigford on St. Mary's Street is said to be Lincoln's oldest church. SK 974 709. Steve Bulman (2009). Another view, Alan Blacklock (2010). Interior view, Stuart Mackrell. Another view, from the railway station, Howard Richter (2017). Link. Grade I listed.

St. Mary Magdalene on Bailgate, close to the cathedral. Interior view. Originally C13, it is almost entirely now of the Victorian re-build. Both Steve Bulman (2009).

St. Matthias (1891) on Yarborough Crescent and Burton Road. Steve Bulman (2009). Before 2017, this had become Orthodox Christian Church of All Saints. Another view. Both Jim Parker (2017). Link.

The former St. Michael on the Mount, on Christ's Hospital Terrace, off Steep Hill, now used for educational purposes. I couldn't find access to the site, so couldn't photograph from another angle. Genuki has one here. Steve Bulman (2009).

St. Nicholas on Newport. Steve Bulman (2009). Another view, Jim Parker (2017). Link.

St. Peter and St. Andrew, originally St. Peter at Gowts, on High Street. Another view. SK 973 704. Both Steve Bulman (2010). Interior view, Stuart Mackrell.

St. Peter in Eastgate. Another view. Re-built in both the 18th and 19th centuries. Both Steve Bulman (2009).

St. Stephen, although no longer used for services, is still used by various church groups. Graeme Harvey.

St. Swithin on Free School Lane. Dave Hitchborne. Another view. Steve Bulman (2009).

Salvation Army on High Street and Alfred Street presumably had a previous ownership. Can the "tower" really have been designed like that? A separate building to the rear may also have been a chapel - can you confirm? Both Steve Bulman (2010). My speculations as to the building's history have been demolished by Rob Brettle, who has advised that the building was custom-built for the S.A.

Seventh-day Adventist Church on Rasen Lane. Jim Parker (2017). Link.

Thomas Cooper Memorial Baptist Church (1972) on High Street and Chaplin Street. SK 973 706. Steve Bulman (2010). This link has some illustrations of previous churches.

Trinity U.R.C. on Garmston Street. Steve Bulman (2009). Another view, Jim Parker (2017). Link.

Unitarian Chapel on High Street and Monson Street. SK 973 704. Steve Bulman (2010).

Former Chapel, presumably Methodist, on High Street. Approx. SK 972 697. Steve Bulman (2010). In fact, advises Janet Gimber, this started as South Bar Congregational Mission Room, later South Bar Congregational Church.





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