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Barvas, former church, of (so far) unknown denomination, now converted to residential use. Map evidence suggests that it was built after 1897, and was closed before 1958. Older maps show it with the symbol for a church with spire, now evidently taken down Two additional views - 1, 2. NB 366 513. All Martin Richter (2013). Howard Richter speculates that this may have been a replacement for a demolished church which stood at NB 360 514. He also notes two current churches  - a Church of Scotland at NB 359 494, and which doesn't appear to have an on-line presence (but can be seen here, on Google Maps), and a Free Church at NB 353 489. Link (includes a photo).
Bhaltos, the former Mission Hall (CoS). Martin was advised by a local informant that it had been disused for "at least ten years", and is now leased to a crofter. It must pre-date 1972, when it shows on an OS map of that year. NB 088 364. Martin Richter (2013).
Breanish, the site of the former Mission Station (CoS), now re-developed as a holiday cottage. The long, north-south aligned Mission building can be seen from above here by zooming in on the red marker on the satellite image near the bottom of the page. The church sign, and pews, can be seen here in a photo taken through a window. The Mission must post-date 1899, when it doesn't show on the OS map of that year, and was still extant for the 1972 edition. Proper dates of building and demolition not currently known. NA 993 264. Both Martin Richter (2013).

Callanish, Free Church of Scotland. Another view. NB 218 340. Link. The former(?) Mission Hall (CoS) at NB 219 336. Current status is uncertain, but from its absence from the Church of Scotland website, and its condition, it is probably closed. All Martin Richter (2013).

Eoropie, St. Moluag (Episcopal). NB 5195 6515. The northernmost church on Lewis, it was restored from a ruin in 1912. The building itself is of uncertain age, though old, and it stands on an ancient site. Martin Richter (2013). Link1. Link2. Link3. Link4.

Kinloch, Church of Scotland, dating from 1911. NB 3223 3304. Donnie Macleod (2002).

Miavaig, Uig Church of Scotland. Another view. This link has some history, from wherein we learn that it was originally the Free Church (at Ceann Langabhat, or Miavaig) from 1843, Uigen Church (CoS) from 1972, and that it united with the nearby Baile na Cille Church in 1979. Baile na Cille church (1829) which is Grade B listed stood at NB 053 343. Still in use in 1998, it was subsequently closed, and was for sale in 2009 - see on Google Maps here. There is a comprehensive history (with photos) of it here. More here. NB 087 348. Both Martin Richter (2013). Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. NB 0870 3485. Martin Richter (2013). Link.




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