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Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire

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Much of the detailed information below comes from a comprehensive town history (originally published in 1880), which can be downloaded from here (pdf).

There used to be a Berean Chapel on or near High Street. Dated to circa 1801 - circa 1840, it stood close to a school, now Mearns Community Centre, which was seen by Streetview in 2022. More on the Bereans on Wikipedia.
NO 7143 7111.

The converted Independent/Congregational Church on Church Street, as seen by Streetview in 2021. It dates from 1842, the congregation having previously met in the town hall. NO 7159 7112.

The Masonic Hall (2022 Streetview) on High Street is a former Free Church. NO 7160 7132. The source at the top of the page dates it to 1857, replacing an earlier church on Farquhar Street. No available maps show the latter, but the street itself is short, and the full length of it can be seen in this 2022 Streetview. The congregation had originally met in the town hall - if you know where this is or was, please let me know!

The Kirk (2021 Streetview) dates from 1804 with stone removed from the ruinous Haulkerton Castle. It was enlarged in 1819, and the tower added in 1895. More photos can be seen here. NO 7181 7161. Category B listed.

St. Laurence (Episcopal) on High Street, as seen by Streetview in 2022. This source dates its opening to 1873, replacing a predecessor of 1791-3 on the same site. A good photo here. NO 7157 7122. Link1. Link2. Canmore entry.

Vineyard Church (Evangelical) meets in Mearns Academy (2022 Streetview) on Aberdeen Road. NO 7210 7195. Link.






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