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Kidsgrove, Staffordshire

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Baptist Church (1884) on Church Street, Butt Lane. Reg Mitchell, the designer of the Spitfire was a native of Butt Lane, and has a memorial in the chapel. SJ 8270 5435. Peter Morgan (2015). Another view. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010).

Kidsgrove Pentecostal Church (formerly Methodist). SJ 8380 5395. Gervase N. E. Charmley. Howard Richter advises that this was originally Primitive Methodist, and was known as the Hancock Memorial Chapel. Dating from 1930-1, the congregation was older, at least as far back as 1903, as the National Archive holds records from that date. The last documents they have are from 1974.

Kidsgrove Central Methodist Church (1929) on The Avenue and Liverpool Road.SJ 840 544. Gervase N. E. Charmley. Another view, Peter Morgan (2015), who advises that the church was disused when he visited. Howard Richter has advised that from 2015 until 2018 this was Victory Church (link) but its future here is uncertain. The Sunday School (at left in the first photo in this entry) is now in use as a solicitor's office.

The Methodist Church on Chapel Street, Butt Lane, was built as Primitive Methodist. Since Gervase took his photo, it has been demolished, as a Google Streetview of 2017 shows. It seems to have been closed in 2010, as the Staffordshire Record Office holds documents dated up to that year. SJ 8270 5455. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010). Howard Richter has identified a former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel in Butt Lane, which still stands at SJ 8273 5421, on Banbury Street. Its date of building is not known precisely, but map evidence shows that it is older than 1879. It is now Ebenezer Gospel Hall, and can be seen here on Streetview.

Methodist Church at Newchapel. Peter Morgan (2015).

Methodist Community Church at Whitehill was originally built as Primitive Methodist. Peter Morgan (2015). Link.

St. James at Newchapel. Two additional views - 1, 2, All Peter Morgan (2015).

St. John (R.C.). Gervase N. E. Charmley. Link.

St. Patrick at Newchapel. Peter Morgan (2015).

St. Thomas. Gervase N. E. Charmley. Grade II listed.

Salvation Army hall on Heathcote Street. SJ 841 545, Rob Kinnon-Brettle (2012).





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