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Kelloe, County Durham

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Bethel Welsh Methodist and a Wesleyan Methodist Chapel once stood next to each other at East Hetton, at NZ 3419 3586. The Wesleyan is referred to as Kelloe (Lancaster Street) Methodist in 1940. In this 2010 Streetview, the chapels stood just beyond where the road turns to the left, on the right hand side..

An Independent Methodist Chapel once stood on Front Street, a little way west of St. Paul, at NZ 3375 3605. Looking rather sad on a Streetview of 2009, satellite views show that it has since been demolished.

A Primitive Methodist Chapel of 1865 once stood at East Hetton, to the south-east of Kelloe itself. There is a reference to it in 1940 as Kelloe (High Raisby) Methodist. The chapel has gone, as indeed has most or all of East Hetton too. The Streetview van hasn't passed the site, but the road that led to the chapel has, and it can be seen here, as it was in 2010. NZ 3440 3571. Link.

St. Helen, a distant view from the Streetview van in 2010. It dates back at least as far as the 11th century, from which time are the tower and nave. Elizabeth Barrett Browning was baptised here. NZ 3450 3653. The church website has a photo of the interior, and also of the 12th? century carved cross (the St. Helena Cross) mentioned in the grade I listing.

St. Paul (Methodist, closed) on Front Street, as seen by the Streetview van in 2009. It was active at least from 1955. The National Archives reference documents up to 1984. NZ 3390 3612.






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