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Huncote, Leicestershire

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The former Baptist Chapel (1876) and attached Sunday School (1898), which closed in 1953. SP 516 974. It has subsequently been used as workshops, and now as small business units. Two further views - 1, 2. All  Howard Richter (2013). Howard has studied an old map of 1886-8, and advises that there were Particular and General Baptist Chapels hereabouts; he thinks it likely that this one was the General Baptist. The Particular Baptist was on the other side of the road, and appears to have been demolished some time after the 1916-17 map was published.

Methodist Church (1907), which was built as Primitive Methodist, and replaced the earlier Primitive Methodist Chapel (see below). Another view, also showing St. James in the background. The date is confirmed by a date-stone, one of many foundation stones. For the relatively obscure Christian Endeavour mentioned on the date-stone, see here. SP 517 974. All  Howard Richter (2013). Link.

The former Primitive Methodist Chapel (1874, as the defaced date-stone still shows), now in use as a workshop. Another view. SP 516 975. Both  Howard Richter (2013).

St. James the Greater (1898). SP 518 974. Aidan McRae Thomson (2012). Three additional views - 1, 2, 3, all  Howard Richter (2013). It has every appearance of having never been completed, and this website confirms that this is the case. Link.





01 September 2018

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