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Harrington, Cumbria

Harrington on Wikipedia.

Many of the dates below are from this source.

Harrington Methodist Church (formerly Primitive Methodist, 1891). NX 9919 2562. Steve Bulman. Another view, Philip Kapp. Its My Primitive Methodists entry says it was successor to an earlier chapel of 1828. This must have been on a different site, as a map of 1867 doesn't show a building where the present church is, but it also doesn't show it anywhere else.

St. Mary, re-built in 1634. NX 9943 2570. Steve Bulman. A particularly interesting old postcard view as it shows the tower before it was heightened. The card is franked 1905. From Alan Bulman's Collection.

St. Mary (R.C.). Built in 1893, it was a re-build of an earlier school chapel of 1874. NX 9913 2539. Steve Bulman.

U.R.C., originally Presbyterian of 1881. NX 9909 2543. Steve Bulman.

The source given at the top of the page mentions Victoria Hall, home at different times to the Salvation Army and the Plymouth Brethren. I haven't been able to locate it. There are references to the S.A. forming locally in 1896, at the Temperance Institute. Was this the same building as Victoria Hall?

The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel of 1886 is now called Wesley Court, having been converted into flats in about 1980. NX 9906 2534. Philip Kapp. The source at the top of the page mentions a previous Wesleyan Chapel of 1828. This may be the one shown on a map of 1866, towards the south end of Christian Street. The chapel, street, and other buildings have all gone, and been grassed over or is now car park. It stood at circa NX 9883 2496, and the site (seen here on a 2009 Streetview) is near to the furthest corner of the car park, wholly under the car park, and with it's frontage in line with the edge of the parking area.




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