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Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

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All Saints. The splendid interior. SK 8145 9011. Both Tudorbarlow (Flickr). Two additional interior views - 1, 2, and the font, all David Regan (2017). Link. Grade I listed.

Cemetery Chapel, and an interior view. SK 8202 8997. Both David Regan (2017). Link.

Friends' Meeting House (1704) on Market Street. David Regan (2017). Link. Grade II listed.

The former Holy Trinity Church, now an Arts Centre. SK 8178 8938. James Murray.

Hope Church on Station Approach, as seen by Streetview in 2018. Link

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Ropery Road. SK 8097 9091. James Murray. Another view, David Regan (2021).

Methodist Church on North Street. David Regan (2017). Link.

Former Methodist Church, now an auctioneers. James Murray.

Primitive Methodist Church on Ropery Road and Mercer Road, on a wet day. James is uncertain regarding its current status - can you advise? It's dated here to 1910, but oddly it says that it was re-built in 1994, which it clearly wasn't. Closure is given as 1999. SK 8099 9070. James Murray.

St. George. Another view. Both David Regan (2017). Link (not working when I tried).

The former St. John the Divine on Ashcroft Road was made redundant in 2002, and is now in use as an arts venue. SK 817 890. David Regan (2019). Grade II listed. The adjacent vicarage is also grade II listed, as is also a school. The church, vicarage and school are all of a similar architectural style.

St. Michael once stood on Ropery Road and North Warren Road, at SK 8096 9086. Assuming this is the St. Michael and All Angels mentioned here, it was a tin tabernacle. Map evidence suggests it was built between 1887 and 1899, and was demolished in the 1980's. Its site can be seen on a Streetview from 2009 - an oblong building, it stood at the corner with its short axis on Ropery Road.

St. Thomas of Canterbury (R.C.). Two interior views - 1, 2, and the font. All David Regan (2017). Link.

The U.R.C. (1897) on Church Street is shown on older maps as Congregational. SK 8148 9005. David Regan (2017). Link.

A Wesleyan Methodist Chapel stood on Ropery Road at SK 8094 9106. Relatively short-lived, it's dated here to 1899-1911 (as a temporary iron church), replaced in 1911 and closed in 1933. Housing was subsequently built on the site. David Regan (2021).






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