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Frodsham, Cheshire

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Frodsham Methodist Church was originally known as Five Crosses Methodist Church, and opened in 1885. SJ 524 768. Bruce Read.

Main Street Community Church. This tin church was originally built as St. Dunstan, a chapel of ease, in 1874. It was moved 3 metres to the left in 1995 to allow for road building. SJ 514 778. Steve Bulman.

Former Methodist Church. Following the opening of Trinity Church (see below) it became a Sunday School, and has served as a cinema too, for a time. The oval tablet above the red car reads "Victoria Hall", but Bill doesn't know if this has any relevance to the church. SJ 522 781. Bill Davison.

Former Methodist Church (1858). Following the opening of Five Crosses Methodist Church (see above) which stands nearby, this church became the Church Hall. It's now a private residence. SJ 525 770. Bill Davison.

The former Primitive Methodist Church (1878) was named after Hugh Bourne, one of the founders of the PM movement. It closed in 1987 and is now offices. SJ 514 776. Bill Davison.

St. Lawrence. SJ 522 773. Bruce Read. Link.

St. Luke (R.C.). SJ 518 782. Bruce Read. Link.

The former Trinity Methodist Church (opened 1873) survives only partially. Closed in 2000, the site has been re-developed for housing. SJ 521 781. Bruce Read.

The former U.R.C. has been converted into flats. SJ 527 783. Bruce Read. Previously labelled as a former Methodist Church, thanks to Bill Davison for the correction. Known locally as Union Chapel, it was built jointly by the Baptists and Congregationalists.

The former Wesleyan Association Tabernacle (1837) closed in 1937, and has since served as the town's library. SJ 519 781. Bill Davison.





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