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Frizington, Cumbria                                   

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All photos Steve Bulman.

Redundant chapel. NY 035 174. Janet Gimber advises that this building has now been demolished, though it wasn't a chapel, but the Sunday School to the Primitive Methodist Chapel which stood adjacent. The photo shows the door which connected the two buildings. Janet has also drawn my attention to these articles - the first from 1903 tells of anniversary celebrations of the chapel, unfortunately not saying which anniversary it was. The second, dating from 2006, and which includes an old photo, mentions 50th anniversary celebrations of the Methodist Church. The Sunday School is seen at the right, behind the P.M. Chapel, and an older Methodist Chapel on the left. Interestingly, St. John's Methodist (below) looks too modern to have been celebrating 50 years in 2006, so perhaps there was another earlier building too.

St. John (Methodist), NY 035 175.

St. Joseph (R.C.), NY 035 173.

St. Paul, NY 033 170. Link.




01 September 2018

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