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Egremont, Cumbria

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Much of the dating material is taken from here.

Cemetery Chapels in the cemetery just north of the town. NY 0087 1155 (Non-Conformist) and NY 0090 1153 (CoE). In the photo the CoE chapel is closer to the camera. The cemetery was created in 1864. Steve Bulman. Link. The CoE chapel is grade II listed, as is the Non-Conformist, also as grade II.

A Medieval Chapel once existed in a field now identified as Chapel Close, but I haven't been able to locate this as yet.

The Methodist Church on Main Street and Chapel Street was built as Wesleyan in 1821, and re-built in 1876. NY 0110 1087. Steve Bulman. Link.

The Primitive Methodist's had a chapel on North Road. Built circa 1852, and was closed 1935. It or its replacement can be seen here on a 2009 Streetview, now in use as a rugby club. NY 0096 1125.

St. Bridget (R.C.) on St. Bridget's Lane dates from 1960. Seen on a 2011 Streetview here, it was preceded by two earlier churches. The first was a chapel of 1872, followed by St. Mary, "early 20th century". Possibly the latter survives as this low building attached to the eastern side of today's church. Can you confirm if this is correct, or provide the location of the earlier chapel?

St. Mary and St. Michael (1881-3) was built on the site of a Norman predecessor. According to Pevsner, a few fragments of the old church were re-cycled in the new. A large church, difficult to photograph well. NY 0112 1056. Steve Bulman. Link. Grade II listed.

The source mentioned at the top of the page mentions a  Wesleyan Association Methodist Chapel, built in 1839 on Church Lane. I haven't been able to locate Church Lane, though it's possibly an unnamed narrow street running north from Church Street, to the east of the church. However, none of the old maps I have access to indicate a chapel here. The same source says it was succeeded by a United Free Methodist Chapel on Bookwell in 1893, closed in 1964. This survives, and can be seen here on a 2011 Streetview. NY 0091 1055.






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